Uni-Dot: The Next Generation of Lyman Sights 

Like William Lyman's original ivory bead in 1878, the Uni-Dot is a breakthrough in gun sight technology. The patented tubular design lets shooters aim with both eyes focused on the target because it masks the brightly glowing fiber optic until the shotgun is properly mounted. The Uni-Dot assures precision while virtually eliminating pointing errors like lifting or dominant eye crossover. 

When the shotgun is mounted, the bright red or green fluorescent dot can be seen only if the gun is properly mounted and the shooter's eye is in the correct position. In addition, the Uni-Dot is a great training aid as it promotes proper technique since the bright fluorescent dot can only be seen when the gun is properly mounted. Uni-Dot Fiber Optic Sights come in 3 diameters and a variety of styles to meet 
the needs of every shooter. 

Uni-Dot Sight features:

  • No Gunsmith - high strength adhesive or Riblock snap on mounting
  • Choice of red or green optics
  • 2mm sight diameters
  • Designs for ribless barrels

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