It seems like it was just yesterday when we started building specialized hand protection for professional race teams. Over 20 years later, millions of hard working hands in numerous industries have adopted Mechanix Wear® gloves. Since the debut of The Original® mechanic's glove at the 1991 Daytona 500, our mission of maximizing individual safety and productivity has lead to the development of the highest quality work gloves delivering superior fit, feel and functionality to working hands all over the world.

High performance materials, anatomical design, and superior build quality provide your hands with functional hand protection fit for daily use. Mechanix Wear gloves are designed to combat daily hazards and injuries ranging from harsh abrasions, cut and puncture wounds to broken bones, joint damage, vibration injuries, and even exposure to fire and intense heat. From concept to finished product, you can count on


Mechanix Wear innovation to help you work faster, safer and cleaner with more power and control.


Mechanix Wear-Heat Sleeves

Mechanix Wear-Heat Sleeves


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