Super Secret Police S**t

Author: Options8   Date Posted:18 June 2016 

"Hammer has published this in depth guide to assist with maintaining officer safety. I have trained with Hammer since 2006. Hammer has a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience. He's walked the walk." C Walker.

Super Secret Police S**t That Can Save Your Life.

A guide of critical skills, tactics and principles that can keep you alive in the violent world we live in today.

In a world where a crime or act of violence occurs against women and men over a million times each year, it's increasingly important how to act when disaster strikes. This book is an amalgam of universal self-defense secrets that can maximize your chances of surviving almost any type of assault.

This is knowledge I have passed on to over 1200 criminal justice professionals, law enforcement officers, security police, correction officers, and lay-citizens at risk over the past thirty-years. SSPS is also a culmination of survival secrets that some of the most accomplished warrior-trainers have passed down to me.

Includes the following sections:

  •  Principles of Prevention
  • Crucial Legal Limitation of Self Defence
  • Making yourself/your loved ones into a tough target
  • The ooda Loop and you
  • Delivering Maximum Bombage (Creating Damage to Assailant)
  • Target Focused Countermeasures, Primary & Secondary Targets
  • How to train yourself at home ir the gym for ultimate self defense

Feel safe. Feel confident. Pick up a copy of SSPS today.


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