Crimson Trace - LiNQ™

Author: Crimson Trace   Date Posted:6 February 2016 

Another advancement in operational gear this time from Crimson Trace

LiNQ™ is a unique, two piece system, comprised of a replacement AR-Type rifle grip and a green laser and white light module. The grip and unit are paired wirelessly, allowing the operator to control the laser and light with the grip. The replacement grip installs like any aftermarket AR-15/M4 grip. Crimson Trace includes the single bolt needed to attach the grip. The module can be rail mounted to the firearm at the discretion of the user and attaches to M1913 Picatinny (or similar) accessory rails measuring at least 2 3/4" in length. Pairing the grip and module is a quick and simple process and is accomplished in seconds. A sync indicator light on the grip will blink while pairing, remain on for 30 seconds and will then turn off. The LiNQ system will then remain wirelessly paired even if the rifle is stored.

LiNQ™ is a powerful targeting and illumination product for AR-Type Modern Sporting Rifles. The 300 Lumen LED white light features a broad beam that will clearly illuminate without overpowering. The bright green laser sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and offers excellent visibility in virtually all lighting conditions. The laser & light module is controlled wirelessly from the LiNQ replacement grip. The grip features Crimson Trace's Instinctive Activation™, which allows the operator to power the module with the grip by simply holding the unit in a normal firing grip. The grip also controls modes of operation and allows the user to quickly make mode selection changes without having to reach for the rifle's forend. LiNQ features four modes of operation: Laser + Light, Laser Only, Light Only, Laser + Light Strobe. Additionally, the grip contains a master on/off switch for completely powering down the unit. The module also features an optional independent control switch which allows the laser & light unit to operate independently from the grip.

As the World's first wireless laser and white light system, LiNQ™ is a truly innovative and intelligent product. As the foremost innovator in laser sighting systems, Crimson Trace is leading the evolution of technology for AR-Type Modern Sporting Rifles. No wires to tangle or disconnect, no activation pads to search for, LiNQ offers ease of operation and easy-to-use controls without the clutter. LiNQ units feature a secure, individual connection and complete control of the laser and light module. Once paired, LiNQ units are engineered to communicate singularly between grip and module, and will not interfere with - or receive interference from - additional LiNQ units or any other wireless or RF technology. 

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